My research interests include performance studies, environmental humanities, critical theory, cultural studies, and science fiction.


Planetary Praxes:
Performing Humanity Under Ecological Emergency
My dissertation theorizes new forms of human/nonhuman relationships developing in response to rapidly increasing disruptions of known and lived environmental norms.

Through the interdisciplinary lens of performance, I examine a variety of practices—political protest, museum exhibitions, artistic production—which I argue have become sites for negotiating ecological relationships. I ask how these relationships form under the conditions of planetary emergency, including global warming, environmental racism, ocean acidification, the inequities of global capitalism, and biodiversity loss.

These rapidly shifting ecological (and political) circumstances rework an extensive history of articulating humanity in relation (or in opposition) to nature. Ultimately, I argue that identifying and understanding these emerging ways of being, which I call planetary praxes, are imperative to forge a future of ecological justice.


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